About Us

Who is MinaTrader?


MinaTrader is a trademark owned by Mina Group and its one of the leading and most professional in providing Forex Services Group, such as :

*provide most accurate trading signals (more than 90% win trades)

*Managing account for clients , by using Pamm account or through client's account

*copy trading through MQL

*Education and training Forex


MinaTrader's Mission&Vision?


As anyone know , in Forex 90% traders are loser and just 10% are winner , and all traders used at least tried 2 or 3 different service providers to be winner of this market ,but still not satisfied with the result.

A few years ago, we created a unique strategy of trading by experience ,and it keep and made us one of the winner of the market in past 10 years ,

so we decided to share our abilities with an affordable cost , to traders and make them to be a winner of the market , as we are .

our Aim is to protect traders from losing money , and instead of losing ,make a good profit for themselves. 


Where we are?


Mina Group is based in Malaysia and MinaTrader team based in middle east and Malaysia , to cover all market times 

When did we start?


Mina Group is started from August 2010 and before that we were not a registered corporate , our business started from 2006 and we are full of experience in Forex Market. 

in 2018 we decided to have a trade mark to lead the market as a  legit Group, then we named it as : MinaTrader.


MinaTrader's Management Team

MinaTrader's management team are monitoring all the process and leading the Group of experts, to make sure all clients are happy with our services , in terms of quality ,timing and professionally verified


CEO of Mina Group


owner of Mina Group