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3. Contributor Policy: Should any Contributor request for their Author Profile to be removed, MinaTrader.com may do so pending Review.

However, Any Contributor Request to have their Authored Material removed shall be denied.

All Contributor Articles will be maintained in Perpetuity on MinaTrader.com.


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7. Payment Terms. Our no-obligation, free trial is exactly that – a FREE opportunity to explore the world of MinaTrader without cost. However, all subscription purchases are final. No refunds, partial or otherwise, will be given. For full transparency.

Cancellations must be in writing to complete subscription termination. If you are dissatisfied with MinaTrader within the first 14 days of payment (initial purchase period only), send us a request to our whats app: +60123595084 or email us at info@minatrader.com

Briefly let us know why you are looking to leave so we can keep improving and evolving our offerings for future users.

8. MinaTrader's Refund Policy. If you are dissatisfied with MinaTrader within the first 14 days after paying for your account (the "Initial Purchase Period"), then please contact us by phone/Whats app +60123595084 or by email at info@minatrader.com and let us know that you would like to terminate your account. If you terminate your account during the Initial Purchase Period, we will refund your MinaTrader's subscription fee.


9. Accuracy of Information. Neither MinaTrader nor our affiliates warrant that this web site and Content are accurate, reliable or correct; that this web site and Content will be available at any particular time or location; that any defects or errors in this web site or Content will be corrected; or that this web site or Content are free of viruses or other harmful components. 




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Limited Liability
We reserve the sole right to either modify or discontinue the newsletter, at any time with or without notice.